Through our lifelong and ever-changing search for purpose and peace, we have learnt that:

Not one healing modality or approach is the answer.

Trauma and grief impact us on many levels and the impact differs greatly from one individual to another. Over the days, weeks, months and years as we change and adapt, so do our needs for support and guidance, and at times, some approaches seem more relevant than others.

Getting help or support can be difficult.

Showing up can be hard! We found that costs and distance to therapy can be prohibitive. It’s too hard to get there, it costs too much and sometimes it’s tricky to get an appointment at all. Some general practitioners may not truly get it, as they are not specialised in grief and trauma. Access to the right support, at the right time, matters.

Our experiences need to be talked about.

Conversations around grief need to happen. We sadly learnt that our society does not know how to help people who are dealing with grief and trauma. Many people describe feeling isolated, alone or misunderstood. We need to change the conversation around grief, because how we talk about grief is important.

Our loved ones need to be remembered.

We need to make space for those who are no longer physically with us, as much as those who are. Our love for those who have passed does not change.

We have created Sarz Sanctuary to guide, educate and connect liked-experienced people from all around the world who are seeking help to heal, and to offer a wide variety of best-practice global practitioners.

‘Who is Sara Zelenak’,

Living her best life, Sara took the rite of passage that so many young Australian’s do and travelled to London, UK, to explore, work and travel. Sara never returned home after unknowingly walking into a terror attack on June 3rd, 2017. Sara is the youngest of eight victims who were murdered that night.

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Sarz Sanctuary is a private, members-only community designed to provide a safe and supportive space for those who are grieving or who have experienced trauma.

Our members come from all walks of life, but they share a common understanding of the challenges you are facing. Think of us as a community made up of smaller communities. Each offers its own unique perspectives and experiences, but we are all connected by our common desire to find some way to heal and to live with this pain.

This is our interpretation of the relationship, or the woven thread, between the Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul.

People often think of healing as something that happens in one isolated area of their lives. However, the reality is that healing is a much more holistic process. In order to truly heal, we must address all aspects of our being – mind-body-spirit-soul.

When we are struggling with traumatic grief, loss, PTSD and secondary trauma, we often manifest physical symptoms; but we also need to pay attention to our spiritual and emotional needs as well.

Sarz Sanctuary practitioners offer a range of evidence-based healing therapies that can help to heal across the elements of Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul. By working on these areas simultaneously, we can create lasting healing in our lives.


The mind is the interactive mechanism between the body and soul. The mind enables us to think, judge, reason, perceive, desire, imagine, dream, to feel and remember. The mind connects the body and soul, making us whole.


The body is our physical structure, including the brain, and is receptive to our senses. It automates our nervous, respiratory and circulation systems. The body's daily magical formula for survival is sleep, diet, environment, and exercise. Our daily habits and choices determine how healthy we are; and how we can sustain and energise our body. The body is an amazing machine that is constantly regenerating itself. If we take care of it, it will take care of us.


Our spirit is the connection to all things, including the earth and self, to passed loved-ones, the universe and to the divine or your higher self.
It connects us to all that is. Many do not understand or acknowledge that this Spirit element exists. It has little to do with what we believe culturally when it comes to religion or spirits—it is more the understanding that no one and no situation stands alone; that we are all connected through life force energy.


The soul is a distinct entity separate from the body. It is the part that exists before you are born and after you die; the fingerprint of God (or your creator) that connects both the Mind and Body. The Soul is the innermost essence of what makes us unique, comprising the mental ability of a living being’s character, morals, beliefs, feelings, consciousness, memory, perception and thinking. It is an essential part of who we are.

Are you a practitioner passionate about healing?

Sarz Sanctuary enables practitioners like the ones above to host their personal profiles and to offer a range of resources to the people who need them most. These resources can include educational courses, workshops, live events, webinars, e-books, podcasts and articles.
If you are a qualified and/or evidence-based practitioner who wants to reach clients beyond your physical location and have practical experience in your specialist modality, we invite you to join Sarz Sanctuary.

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