FAQs for Practitioners

Sarz Sanctuary is seeking evidenced-based healing practitioners with passion to help guide those who suffer traumatic grief, loss, ptsd or secondary trauma. To ensure all practitioners are specific to this space we invite practitioners to apply through our online form. Applications are vetted by Sarz Sanctuary clinically trained staff, followed by an appointed interview. Successful applicants receive the Sarz Sanctuary credential, can host their professional profile and create content with the web/app. 

After sending through your application form, we will be in contact within 3 business days to arrange an online interview with a Sarz Sanctuary clinically trained member. The interview will be approximately 45min. After the interview you will have a response within 5 working days as to the approval status. 

Yes, we offer two practitioner membership options: 

  1. Practitioner Community Member 
  2. Practitioner Community Member & Content Contributor 

Learn more here

  1. Practitioner Community Member, paid monthly $49 USD direct debt 
  2. Practitioner Community Member & Content Contributor 
    • Option 1 Annual fee paid on joining $2499 USD 
    • Option 2 Three x monthly instalments of $849 USD 

Yes, practitioners may promote their services that align with their qualifications. 

Yes, all practitioners need to hold current public liability & personal indemnity insurance.

The web/app allows all practitioners to actively engage with members through the community forum, via posting blogs, factsheets, articles, also via hosting webinars and podcasts. Practitioners are also encouraged to connect with other practitioners throughout the platform.  

Sarz Sanctuary actively promotes the brand through digital marketing services globally. Those seeking help can filter via symptoms they are wanting to learn more about, modality of healing, element of self, practitioner name, and location in search of the practitioner that best suits them where they are in their journey right now.  

Collaboration over competition; Sarz Sanctuary hosts the best of practice, practitioners globally, we may host a practitioner who has the exact same modality, though it is you that makes the difference, it is you who resonates with the member, whose personality connects. We are supportive, inclusive, and collaborative, working together to soften the impact of grief & trauma.