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We are a community of like-experienced people, professionals, and resources. We are so happy you have found Sarz Sanctuary in your search to find peace, but we are equally so sorry you are here.

Welcome to Sarz Sanctuary, a safe haven where we connect like-experienced people seeking support through traumatic grief, loss, ptsd and secondary trauma. This community understands that there are days when you don’t want to face the world, self-isolation is easier. That there are times when mentioning your pain falls on deaf ears, or even pushes away that person you want support from.

Our community is a safe space where all feelings are valid. Where connection, collaboration and sharing build friendships, support and understanding. A community which will help you to build resilience, overcome isolation, and begin to chart a path towards a more joyful future.

“I will never be the same person I used to be.”

Julie Wallace

Sarz Sanctuary Co-Founder

Julie & Mark Wallace know trauma and grief after the murder of their daughter Sara Zelenak in the London Bridge Borough Markets terror attack in 2017. They founded Sarz Sanctuary to bring together liked-experienced people, practitioners, and real resources from all over the world that work.

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We are not here to solve your grief. It is a lifelong journey and you are not expected to ‘get over it’. Your journey in grief is as personal to you as your own fingerprint. It is how you heal around that grief, that hole in your heart, that is important. Consider Sarz Sanctuary as your guide.

Most importantly,
this is a safe space for you

Our community forum is a private, members-only space for you to feel supported and connected. Being a paid membership community allows us to create a safe place where all members can contribute, collaborate and share freely. This safe space also enables us to moderate content where necessary without fear of anyone who may be intent on provocation or malice.

Share and connect with people like you

Feeling alone and isolated is so common in grief. Here you can find others who understand what you are going through, as only someone who had experienced it too truly can. No judgment or fear of rejection. Just acceptance, acknowledgement, collaboration and connection.

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evidence-based practitioners from around the world

We are growing our practitioner community, so this is a work in progress.

All of our practitioners are experts in the grief and trauma space. No matter their background and expertise, whether they are counselors, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, yogis or chakra healers, they have been through the Sarz Sanctuary qualifying process to ensure that what they offer is evidence-based and helpful at different stages of your journey, across the Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul elements.

Our credentialed team of psychologists and behavioral counselors assess and onboard all members and practitioners, building a safe place of liked-experienced people and practitioners specific to the trauma, grief and loss space.

Experts in

When we say Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul, we are talking about the different elements of self. We acknowledge that every journey through grief and trauma is completely unique, and have found that different support, guidance, therapies and modalities are more suitable at different stages of that journey. Sarz Sanctuary practitioners come from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise across all of these Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul areas.

For our members

Exclusive content and resources

Our expert practitioners provide members with a range of free and paid resources on grief, trauma, loss, PTSD and secondary trauma.
These include: fact sheets, e-books, blogs, articles, webinars, workshops, courses and live events and meet-ups. Being a paid members-only community not only enables us to keep this a safe space, but also allows us to continue to add to our library of resources and keep them up-to-date and relevant.

Get support at any time

Traditional grief support is not always available when you need it. Through this community of professionals and peers, you will be able to access support at any time of the day or night. When it comes to our resources, there are no obligations and no set lesson times, even for the courses. You can connect in your own time and when you feel ready.
If you require urgent assistance, please contact a crisis support provider in your area.

Direct support from us if required

This community is for you, we are here if you have any concerns. You may find the answer to your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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