Hi, we are Julie & Mark Wallace, we have founded Sarz Sanctuary in honour of our daughter Sara Zelenak who was murdered in the London Bridge and Borough Markets terror attack, 2017. To find meaningful purpose we now devote our lives to helping others navigate their own personal grief journey through Sarz Sanctuary.

Sarz Sanctuary brings together liked-experienced people to support, connect and collaborate through our safe and moderated community forum. We also host evidenced-based healing practitioners offering support through traumatic grief, loss, ptsd and secondary trauma.

Our web/app is now open for founding members and practitioners to connect & collaborate with liked-experienced people who understand.

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  • A host of evidenced-based healing practitioners

  • Practitioner resources including courses, webinars, podcasts, workshops, blogs, articles, factsheets, and live events

Love & kindness,

Julie & Mark Wallace

Founders, Sarz Sanctuary

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A community that provides compassion and acceptance.

Sarz Sanctuary was founded by Julie & Mark Wallace, who have pro-actively sought out healing from their own personal trauma; seeking out practitioners, and a wide variety of modalities throughout the world to find peace and purpose in their lives.
Sarz Sanctuary offers you a safe place to fall, to rest, to share, to chat, to learn skills to survive, and to start to heal. A community that provides compassion and acceptance. A community of people who understand, because they are living it too.

Grief is the loneliest and hardest journey you will ever face, but healing around that hole in your heart is possible. With the help of Sarz Sanctuary you can find hope and healing in the midst of your pain.

Resources that help to heal

Sarz Sanctuary gives you access to a wide variety of global resources surrounding traumatic grief, loss, PTSD and secondary trauma.

Resources that support you on your ever-changing individual journey. Here you will be guided to exclusive content including courses, workshops, webinars, e-books, articles, podcasts and live events.

Learn & connect with qualified practitioners

Explore our practitioners by what they offer and how they can help you to heal.

Sarz Sanctuary credentialed practitioners come from all over the world and are experts across a range of different modalities. They come with the understanding that each journey in grief is unique and are here to provide support, guidance and healing across all elements of Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul.

Connect with a like-experienced community

What do we mean by 

Sarz Sanctuary is a private, members-only community that offers you a safe place to engage with others who have experienced, and truly understand traumatic grief, loss, PTSD and/or secondary trauma. Being part of a community can give you that strength you may not be able to find on your own.


Sarz Sanctuary is a safe community of like-experienced people with whom you can rest and share. Empathy, compassion, understanding, and unconditional love is in our DNA.

No matter what has brought you here, we are here to provide support and to connect you with others who are on a similar journey.

Share your highs, your lows, the things that help and the things that hold you back. This loving community provides a space for you to be acknowledged and understood; allowing you to move forward, one step at a time. After all, this is a life-long journey.

Find your people

Connect to specific community forum groups with those who are on a similar journey. You can engage with others, share your story, give advice and gain support without fear of judgement.

Help to Heal is our guidance compass helping you to explore Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul.

This is where the world of healing comes to you. Help to Heal offers the support, connection and knowledge that will ensure you can explore the many different modalities of Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul when and if you are ready. We want you to heal along your journey ensuring it is done in your time and at your own pace.

We are here to help – you are not alone.

What do we mean by Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing. We are complex beings made up of mind-body-spirit-soul, and when something is troubling us in one area, it can manifest as symptoms in another. This is why it is so important to understand the range of healing therapies and practitioners available and to find the ones that resonate with you.

By understanding the importance of all elements of our being, we can begin to heal the whole self.

What our members are saying

Are you a practitioner passionate about healing?

Sarz Sanctuary enables practitioners like the ones above to host their personal profiles and to offer a range of resources to the people who need them most. These resources can include educational courses, workshops, live events, webinars, e-books, podcasts and articles.
If you are a qualified and/or evidence-based practitioner who wants to reach clients beyond your physical location and have practical experience in your specialist modality, we invite you to join Sarz Sanctuary.

Sarz Spirit Foundation relies heavily on the financial support of individuals, corporate and government to create, build and deliver its projects.

Through its generous giving, Sarz Sanctuary helps support the management, administration and general out-of-pocket expenses of Sarz Spirit Foundation to ensure that 100% of donated funds received are used to directly support beneficiaries.

Sarz Spirit Foundation has ambitious plans to deliver future projects to benefit the community, including creating digital resources that will support, inspire and educate.

Learn more about how you can support us.