Your donation means more than you know

Your donation helps create educational resources in support of those who suffer traumatic grief, loss, PTSD & secondary trauma; leading to positive purposeful lives. The impacts of trauma will never be forgotten, though resilience helps us live our best life.

Monthly giving

Why is regular giving so important to us?

Your monthly donation gives us the consistent and reliable funding we need to continue our work with those going through the unfathomable. Your donation not only helps to heal now, but it also allows us to plan for the future, knowing that we have a base of generous donors who are as committed to our cause as we are.

Gifts in Wills

Leave a gift in your Will to Sarz Spirit Foundation.

Life can change in an instant. How do we deal with sudden trauma and loss? How can we help those struggling feel less isolated and alone? Our mission is to balance the impact of grief in our society and create a more compassionate, empathetic and understanding community. We provide support, guidance, understanding and pathways to help to heal around those holes left in our hearts.

If this resonates with you, please consider leaving a donation in your Will to Sarz Spirit Foundation. Your generosity will make a difference for generations to come.

A Will is important, it ensures that your estate is given to the people and causes that you care most about. A Will need not be complicated, though seek legal advice for all matters that you are unsure about.

Gifts in celebration

When you celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, why not give a gift that gives back?

By making a donation or setting up an online fundraising page with Sarz Spirit Foundation, you will be helping individuals and communities to rebuild and start to heal from the impact of traumatic grief and loss. And with your help, we can work towards ensuring that no one has to face trauma alone.

Setting up a fundraising page is simple and easy. Just log on to [LINK-Events] and fill out a short form describing your reason for donating, who you’re raising money for, and how much you would like to donate. You can even invite family members, friends, and colleagues to help support you with donations as well. Everyone who donates will automatically get a tax receipt and it is easy to track how much you have raised.

Your gift will make such a difference to those we are helping to heal.

Donations are coming soon!

Thanks for your interest in supporting those living with traumatic grief, loss, PTSD or secondary trauma.